Here Are Five New California Laws and How They May Affect Drivers

New laws and statutes are released for the public in every state, every year, and California is no exception. New laws are created to further define traffic accident law with the most detail possible to save more lives, and they apply to anyone operating a motor vehicle on California roadways. An Orange County Car Accident Attorney comprehends every detail of the statutes, so if you have been involved in a motor vehicle accident, it is best to consult an experienced Orange County Car Accident Attorney to learn your rights. They are skilled and have experience in all traffic and injury laws in California, so call to schedule a free consultation to learn the details.

DUI with marijuana – According to the statue, nothing by the driver or passengers is permitted that distracts the driver. Safety is a priority, and the law “prohibits passengers from ingesting or smoking marijuana if they are in a moving vehicle.”

Smog Checks Exemption – This exemption pertains to drivers paying more when emissions are illegal. An attorney should be consulted for full details, so there is no overpayment.

Pedestrians’ Security – This law protects pedestrians and reduces car accidents involving them. It states that people may legally cross the street at any time as long as they are in a crosswalk and before the signals finish flashing.

Training Program for Motorcyclists – states that if a motorcyclist over the age of 21 years satisfactorily passes the CHP-approved training, it may be exchanged for the required motorcycle skills exam. A certificate will be issued to waive the skills test; one of the two is required to ride on California roadways.

Ridesharing Services will be more closely monitored – this law is for drivers with ridesharing companies, such as Lyft or Uber. If they are with a passenger, the driver may not have a BAC over .04. If arrested or in an accident, they are charged with a DUI.

New statues make the laws more clear for everyone involved, but they can be complicated for the average driver. It is best to contact an Orange County Car Accident Attorney to avoid misinterpretation; Orange County Car Accident Attorneys have the knowledge and experience to handle all your questions accurately and professionally.